Thursday, August 22, 2013

If You Smile Radiation Won't Kill You (VIDEO)

"Duck and cover" under your school desk seemed safer against radiation than "smiling", the new US propaganda (VIDEO)

US West Coast Americans worried about radiation from Japan.  Government says "SMILE" and you will be OK (VIDEO)

If You Smile Radiation Won't Kill You.  They tested on animals.  How do you get an animal to smile?     (VIDEO)


Sunny said...

This sounds too silly! .smile. ???

Chimp said...

Smile all your troubles away - including radiation.

Now I know why dogs seem to be smiling all the time. They know something!

Sunny said...

Dogs don't smile when they are sad!
Oh, and today is my 6th year SingSnap anniversary :) smile.

Chimp said...

Sunny is smiling!!! Happy anniversary.

Sunny said...

yay ! Thankyou :)