Saturday, August 10, 2013

DELIBERATE US GOV LEAK: Austin Texas Terror Drill was to be Carried Out like Boston Bombings (VIDEO)

Us Government LEAKS fake memo to scare Americans in Austin Texas that another Boston Bombing will take place (VIDEO)

Another US Gov. false flag terror alert to defend NSA spying in the USA  by scaring Americans (VIDEO)

Update: Texas Military Forces told KXAN in Austin on Friday that the above force protection alert "was sent out by mistake" and the above memo was rescinded.

"It was sent out last week before all the details could be verified.

The memo was later rescinded, but copies of the memo are now circulating on social media," an indirect reference to

[The Department of Homeland Security is advising that a "group of trained terrorists" may plant "backpack style bombs" on 6th Street in Austin, Texas this weekend, which prompts memories of the Boston bombing last April.]

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