Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mandela Is Dead (VIDEO)

Long live the King.

It seems like yesterday when I heard Tata was out of prison. Mixed emotions went through my mind! what does this mean for us South Africans & all Africans. Joy filled my heart and i actually cried at the thought of him been jailed for all those years just for me and my nation to be freed from slavery. I salute you Tata, not many people would have done are a Hero to me and for all peoples.

To the world in general and most south africans in particular, you were not only a beacon of hope for what human kind can achieve and be, but you are a symbol of the potential human beings have. Words alone cannot begin to express the profound and deep-seated pride and emotions we have when we think of you, for you and your generation are an embodiment of what the South Africa was meant to be. Your image and memory will remain etched on our conscious for time immemorial.

For most good men it is hard enough to be a father to one child, but to father a nation is a kind of miracle that only comes from (and grows with) wisdom, love and the heart of hero. Madiba, you changed our lives in ways you will never know. I am proud of my beliefs and strong enough to stand up for them because you showed me that being afraid doesn't matter but doing the right thing, standing up to be counted is what matters. And if you have a voice it's your duty to speak up for yourself and those who cannot.

Hamba Kahle Ntate. Siyabonga khakulu!

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