Saturday, June 29, 2013

Irish Banksters Caught on Tape Plotting to Rob The Country of Billions (VIDEO)

Irish bank bailout figure pulled out of banker's A$$ (VIDEO)

Audio tapes expose the deliberate plan to defraud the Irish people by a bank that nearly bankrupted the country when the government bailed them out.

But now all European countries are about to endorse Cyprus-style wealth confiscation to bail out the countries bankrupted by bank bailouts.

Irish Bankers secretly recorded planning how to screw over Irish Taxpayers (VIDEO)

Mr Bowe's comments in the audio recording reveal that Anglo's strategy was to lure the State in, leaving taxpayers with no choice but to continue to provide loans to "support their money". The recording also shows Mr Bowe and Mr Fitzgerald laughing as they say how there is no realistic chance of ever repaying the loans.

Caught on tape: Ireland's financial ruin - Banking Execs talk about lying to regulator, and their "playbook" to take as much taxpayer money as possible.

Inside Anglo: the secret recordings
Exclusive: Tapes reveal the lies and deception that led to the bank bailout

BUSTED: Bankers Caught On Tape, Joking About Bailout, And How They'd Never Pay It Back

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