Thursday, June 27, 2013

Google Targeting Patriots on YouTube (VIDEO)

An entrant into's Operation Paul Revere film contest had their YouTube channel terminated "due to a legal complaint" filed by an unknown party and has experienced strange phone harassment, the contest participant told by e-mail yesterday.

"After I sent [Infowars] e-mails last night... my gmail was frozen now today, my Youtube account was suspended due to legal complaint and 2 of my Gmail accounts are gone," Telly Blackwood, a producer from Off the Hook TV, wrote to us.

The overtly drastic measures taken by Internet juggernaut Google may have been due, in part, to Off the Hook TV's contest entry, "George Washington's Revenge," a video which apparently angered someone with high-level communications connections.

The film is set in the colonial era and depicts the nation's first president sending an agent into the future to retrieve a few of today's most notoriously villainous constitutional traitors, CNN host Piers Morgan and liberal establishment mouthpiece Michael Moore. "They soon realize the Constitution is not a joke for they are facing a Revolutionary water-boarding experience they will never forget," the video's YouTube description stated.

After the entry went viral and received national attention from such media outlets as the Sacramento Bee, it was removed. Alex Jones suspects the primary motivator behind this is film maker Michael Moore.

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