Monday, May 23, 2011

Vatican $2 Million Study Blames Child Molestation Scandal On 60s And Rape Of Boys 10 to 17 Years Old Don't Count


According to the largest research project conducted to date, child molestation by Catholic priests is the fault of Hippies and not forced celibacy or an all-male priesthood.. But who really expected otherwise?

A new study claims it’s something even weirder than a lifetime of consciously avoiding sex—it’s the 60s.

This $2 million “research study” was conducted with data provided by the Catholic Church, and the study itself was mostly funded by the Church. Prepare for the kind of objectivity you’d find only in Fox News.

The blame goes onto the prevalence of “deviant behavior” like the sexual and drug experimentation during the 1960s and 70s. Free love and reefer cigarettes made countless priests commit sex crimes—that totally makes sense, right?

Only five percent of the priests found guilty of touching little boys were defined as pedophiles. Well, that sounds a little misleading. I probably should have mentioned that for the purposes of this study, the definition of pedophilia was changed. While most researches claim that making sexual advances on a child under 13 years of age is a sign of disorder, the John Jay study sneakily changed it to “under 10,” leaving out a large number abuse cases.

Prior to this Vatican Study, The Catholic Church attempted to blame the raped boys for priest sex abuse


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