Thursday, August 26, 2010

Team Sarah Worried That Fox News Is Becoming Anti-Palin, Not Sure Where They Will Get Their News Now


Team Sarah knows that the only place truth can possibly exist is in their teevee box, when it’s tuned to Fox News.

But what happens when Fox News talks about Sarah Palin and it’s not in the religiously masturbatory way they do at Team Sarah?

Is Fox News starting to HIDE the truth that Sarah Palin is your best friend and a national hero who speaks the word of God Himself?



jadedj said...

Catch me up on this one, please.

Chimp said...

It seems the FOX News pundits are no longer talking "nice" about goddess Sarah. The Teabaggers are getting upset at FOX? It may be a subtle way of pushing her aside or maybe they are planning on cancelling her? Maybe, this all makes for more exciting "entertainment"?

jadedj said...

It's so exciting and entertaining that I am peeing in my pants...apropos of the people involved.