Saturday, July 6, 2019

CNN: Bad Ratings And Now Settles To Pay $70 Million UNION Lawsuit From Over 10 Years Ago!

CNN has agreed to pay out more than $70 million to settle a massive, decade-and-a-half-old labor dispute with camera operators.

The failing network known as CNN lost a massive lawsuit that has lasted over a decade and 1/2.

The lawsuit which started back in 2004 reached the court system went over 200 camera operators technicians, and broadcast engineers sued CNN when it laid them off and brought in nonunion in-house staff production. Then arrogantly, refused to negotiate with the employees union which laid the groundwork for this lawsuit.

We have been hearing a lot of reports that CNN was laying off staff, and I am pretty sure paying out $70 million is one of the causes.

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CNN has been losing viewers over the last couple of years because of their anti-Trump rhetoric and programming. On 4 July, they spent the better part of the day trashing Pres. Trump over his speech, which turned out to be a patriotic homage to America and its past.

This case went before the National Labor Relations Board during the Obama administration. There is no doubt that CNN felt invincible, and untouchable as they were giving Obama favorable coverage throughout his eight years in office.

It turns out that the court case found itself before the DC Circuit Court in 2017, which included Judges Merrick Garland, Brett Kavanaugh, and Cornelia Pillard) found that the NLRB had erred in the criteria it used to make that determination.

Some of the questions this cased raised were:

Whether or not CNN should be deemed a "joint employer" for freelance staffers who’d worked for multiple companies– as is routinely done in the broadcast news industry.

Garland wrote the following: "Bottom line: In my view, the Board jumped the rails in its analysis of both the joint-employer and the successor-employer issues.

It seems CNN has given in and decided to settle the case at $70 million. The NLRB has to approve of the settlement before it’s finalized.

CNN to be sued for more than $250M over ‘vicious’ and ‘direct attacks’ on Covington Catholic student: lawyer

Nick Sandman and his lawyers also sued CNN for over $250 million for their part in disinformation and defamation.

With lower than 750K watching the network, how will they survive?


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