Sunday, July 14, 2019

Brighteon 2.0 is now LIVE and ready to host your free speech videos that are banned by the techno-fascists

After months of R&D effort that required a complete re-work of our back-end infrastructure, Brighteon 2.0 is now live and functioning on our new platform. See my official video announcement here.

With our new infrastructure, videos start to play more quickly and are therefore more responsive across all platforms. The current elimination of pre-roll ads means viewers start seeing your video immediately, with no interruption. In addition, the site search function has been dramatically improved and now provides more relevant video search results.

You can request an invitation to join Brighteon (it’s free)   at this link.

With this transition now complete, our R&D team is focusing on user-requested new features such as allowing users to follow or subscribe to channels, adding "like" buttons to videos, adding SubscribeStar donation support for video creators and much more. All those features (and more) are being engineered now.

Later this year, Brighteon will feature Twitter-like functionality, where content channel owners can post text messages to their followers or subscribers. Brighteon does not shadowban anyone. If you are a content channel owner, your messages and videos will reach 100% of your subscribers, every time, without exception. (You won’t get Zucked by Brighteon.)

We will also be adding a paid video library feature that allows video content creators to upload documentaries and other premium video content, charge for users to rent or own that premium content, and get paid from Brighteon. More details will be announced this summer.

Video pre-roll ads have been removed for the moment, and we are experimenting with a donation model and on-page advertising that will be tested shortly. Because our operating costs have been substantially reduced, we are now able to sustain operations with less revenue.

Content restrictions are now relaxed

Thanks to the fact that videos are now stored and served from our own infrastructure, previous content restrictions that were forced upon us have now been relaxed. This means we are able to defend free speech with even greater determination. It also means video game videos — which we had previously banned due to storage costs — are now welcomed on the platform.

We are also greatly relaxing the number of video views required to unlock higher user levels (which allows you to upload more videos). All current channel views requirements are being cut in half from current levels, making it easier for users to unlock new user levels.

In addition, controversial or "offensive" videos are allowed on the platform, with the caveat that Brighteon reviewers may label them with a warning tag that is visible to the public. Additionally, videos that use strong, explicit language are still required to add the word "explicit" to the title. Videos which violate United States law are, of course, not allowed on the platform, and Brighteon is not an appropriate video platform for Satanism or pornography videos, even if such topics are technically "legal" in America. (How do we define Satanism and pornography? Basically any video that reminds us of Miley Cyrus…)

Importantly, many videos that Brighteon was previously forced to remove from the network due to upstream threats being leveled against us may now be re-uploaded.

While Brighteon is not yet 100% bulletproof against censorship, we are in a much stronger position now to defend your right to speak.

Brighteon has become the go-to hub for videos about vaccines and natural medicine that are banned everywhere else

You may already be aware that the entire tech industry has conspired and colluded to blacklist all videos that counter the official narrative about vaccines. Even Vimeo has de-platformed channels that dare question the safety of vaccine ingredients, and anyone mentioning vaccine side effects or autism is immediately blacklisted by Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, MailChimp and other tech platforms.

Brighteon welcomes vaccine videos. In fact, Brighteon has rapidly become the go-to destination for vaccine truth videos that have been banned everywhere else. That’s why more people are leaving YouTube and coming to independent websites like Brighteon, where the truth can still be seen and shared.

Soon, video categories will occupy the home page of, allowing you to see new videos based on their primary topic: Vaccines, natural medicine, politics, technology, firearms, survival and prepping, etc.

Brighteon can help you earn revenue on your videos by welcoming your video sponsors

Brighteon does not restrict you plugging your own products or sponsors on your videos. You may show your own banner ads (we don’t put banner ads on your videos), plug your sponsors, offer special discount codes or use other similar techniques to monetize your own video efforts.

Soon, we will integrate a SubscribeStar donation button, allow you to request donations to your SubscribeStar account, which works similar to Patreon but isn’t run by left-wing fascists who hate freedom.

Remember: Brighteon will be running some on-page advertising and experimenting with text links to news articles and content sites. These links don’t pay content creators any revenues. These links, or text ads and banner ads, are what provides the revenue to keep Brighteon running.

Our goal us to raise enough money to keep our service sustainable while helping you earn money from your own videos, either through donations or your in-video promotions or sponsors.

Brighteon is a public service, not a revenue generator

Brighteon is never expected to earn a profit. It’s a public service, providing a free speech platform that can function as a safe haven for all those important voices being banned by Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, and other evil criminal tech cartel members who have coordinated their censorship schemes.

We have invested over $1 million in Brighteon so far, and more investments in R&D are under way. We will probably never recover these investment funds, but that’s not important. What’s important is having a platform for free speech that isn’t controlled by left-wing techno-fascists who, frankly, should all be arrested by military police and prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

Until that day comes — and it may not be far off — we must continue to build our own platforms and use them to protect our speech.

It’s time for every major conservative voice on the ‘net to move to Brighteon, Bitchute, D.Tube and other alternative platforms. Please tell Mark Dice, James O’Keefe, Laura Loomer, Lisa Haven, Ben Garrison, Milo Yiannopoulos and other prominent pro-liberty voices that it’s time to make the shift and build their audiences on platforms that will not censor them, ever.

Many new features are coming soon. Thank you for your patience as we work hard to make Brighteon a safe haven for your free speech.

See new videos each hour at, and click on "request an invitation" on the top right to create your own channel and join for free.

Remember, Brighteon is built by banned people for banned people. We built it because we were blacklisted by YouTube in 2018. Now, are poised to help make YouTube obsolete in the years ahead by honoring the spirit of free speech and a diversity of ideas (including "offensive" ideas that make snowflakes’ heads explode).

Maybe we’ll have a contest soon for the best videos that make snowflakes’ heads explode. We’ll call it the "Watch Their Heads Explode Snowflake Video Contest" or something… stay tuned.



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