Thursday, July 4, 2019

ABC, NBC and CBS follow MSNBC ... Will not air Trumps 4th of July parade

•Donald Trump promises the cost of his ‘show of a life time’ will be ‘very little compared to what it is worth’ as critics question cost of July Fourth celebration

•‘The cost of our great Salute to America tomorrow will be very little compared to what it is worth,’ he tweeted

•‘It will be the show of a lifetime!,’ he vowed

•First lady Melania Trump will be with him at the festivities

•Military vehicles were moved in front of the Lincoln Memorial Wednesday afternoon

•Two Abrams tanks will arrive on the National Mall overnight

•Meanwhile, Republicans are worried about crowd size and that the event could turn into ‘Trump Inauguration 2.0’

•The National Park Service diverted $2.5 million in funds to pay for Trump’s Fourth of July extravaganza, a fraction of the costs needed

•The money comes from a fund used to improve national parks

•The military expects Trump’s ‘Salute to the Fourth’ to cost it around $1 million

•Several top military chiefs are skipping Thursday’s event

•Threatening to rain on the president’s parade is literally the rain as thunderstorms are in the forecast for the Fourth of July

•Additionally ABC, CBS and NBC will not cover the spectacle in full on their evening programs

•MSNBC may show parts while Fox and C-SPAN will air Trump’s full festivities

•Tanks rolled through Washington D.C. Tuesday night and are in front of the Lincoln Memorial, where they will be on display for the Fourth

•President Trump also is closing down Washington D.C.’s airspace for his ‘biggest fireworks ever’ and for the military planes to fly by

YUGE ratings for FOX


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