Monday, May 23, 2011

Debit Card Fraud: 7 Ways to Counter New Skimming Scams


Young or old, if you are going to use a debit card you need to take precautions. Here's how:

1. Cover your PIN. Your bankcard won't work without the PIN. Thieves usually obtain the PIN with a small camera stationed near the card processor.

2. Be selective with your ATM. Use an ATM inside a bank whenever possible. Stay away from ATMs in remote locations.

3. Leave some wiggle room. When you insert your card, wiggle it while it's in the slot. Wiggling the card might jar the theft device from its hiding place.

4. Monitor your accounts. One of the best protections against continued use of your stolen information is to check bank statements regularly.

5. ATMs and gas pumps that are under video surveillance are less likely to be fitted with card-skimming equipment.

6. Keep an eye on your card. When you give your card to a waiter or clerk, be skeptical if they must leave your sight.

7. Be careful at the gas station. Gas stations are among the most prone to skimming. Use a credit card or choose the credit option on your bankcard.



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