Tuesday, April 26, 2011

US Government Restricting Americans From Getting US Passports By Asking Questions Many Can't Answer


State Department wants lifetime employment history from passport applicants

The U.S. Department of State has proposed a new questionnaire that would make it almost impossible for some people to get a passport.

The new document (PDF) would require that certain applicants submit a list of every residence and every job they've ever had since birth.



jadedj said...

Jesus, where do they hire these idiots? Yes, if I am 18 years old, no prolemo. Done in 3 minutes. if I am 66 years old, not so easy.

NOT TO MENTION...it is none of their fucking business!

Chimp said...

You realise that once you complete the application they will check it against the IRS tax records.

If anything doesn't jive 100%, you are DENIED!

Plus, you can be fined and/or jailed for false statements.

No more overseas travel for America's poor and middle class.

Only American Royals will have passports.