Monday, April 25, 2011



A massive leak of more than 700 military documents, attributed to infamous transparency group WikiLeaks, was released Sunday night. Much of the new information deals with detainees held in Guantanamo Bay.

Here are some shocking revelations about Guantanamo Bay and the practices there.

Officials aren't sure what they're doing. In 704 leaked documents assessing detainees, the word "possibly" appears 387 times, “unknown” 188 times and “deceptive” 85 times.

A former Gitmo detainee whose files identify him as "a probable member of al-Qaeda," is now a key leader on the rebel side of the Libyan revolution.

Some have nothing to do wth Al-Qaeda but are tortured for information about other foreign operations like the Bahraini court and the Uzbekistan secret service.

Suspects were nabbed and shipped to Gitmo because they wore cheap watches. A specific model of watch — a Casio style released in the 1980s — was suspected to be used as a timer by al-Qaeda operatives. People in Afghanistan were seized and sent to the detention facility because they were wearing the watches, but most have been quietly released because of a lack of evidence.

Guantanamo 'locked up innocents'


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