Thursday, March 5, 2020

2 billion deaths from cellphones anticipated - Around 5G transmitters, suicides, cancers, birth defects, brain tumours in children and so on.


All of dangers about microwaves were known about by 1962.   Birth defects.  Brain functions, and all moods can be changed using microwaves.  They were used as weapons before cellphones.  Cellphones were seen by 1965 as having huge potential demand, and were developed despite knowledge of the hazards.  They lifted the permitted safety limits so that cellphones became a commercial possibility.

Heating of body tissue definition over six minutes exposure is still the way cellphone safety is defined.  All other outputs of the microwaves apart from the heat are ignored.  The interference with all body electrical processes.  We have no protection against the electric and magnetic vectors of cellphones at all.

5G is not new.  It was already a problem in 1972.  The only new thing about 5G is its name.  Its health effects are well documented.  The health effects of microwaves have been kept secret ever since.  The illnesses caused by continuous exposure to microwaves and 5G are well known.  The World Health Organisation decided to suppress this information as TOP SECRET.

Cancer, reproductive faults included.  Neurological damage.  Birth defects.  WHO rules are only guidelines.  Elderly and some others are more affected than the general population.  These are to be deemed ‘sensitive’.

Read book from Canadian navy captain which says  from the information that is available that ‘2 billion deaths anticipated from cellphones’.  Around transmitters, suicides, cancers, birth defects, brain tumours in children and so on.  Schools in France and Spain had cancer clusters from transmitters in or near playgrounds.  Leukaemia killing children from phone transmitters.  Politicians lie when challenged.

There are already deaths from wifi in classrooms.  Suicides rising 4% every year.  The pulses from the microwaves penetrate deep into all areas of a child’s brain.   Result severe neurological damage including death.



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