Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Trump Mentions Obama Execution Last Night On Fox News.. Bone Chilling!

The Dems “Not above the law” how much more do they need to go then before enough is enough and take them to court. L.M.
I believe Predident Trump is saying, Obama committed many treasonous acts that could have gotten him the death penalty. L7072
Psychic Utsava says he was executed by firing squad Oct 3rd Michael by lethal injection. Clones or doubles with voice overs have been put out but they are abroad as close scrutiny wont spot it as easily. You never know. C.D.
The Dems have tried to deep six him many times. They are still trying. He has layers of security working for him. Thank God! D.P.
The EU refuses to accept any no-deal Brexit. Secret anti-corruption arrests and restructure.



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