Sunday, March 25, 2012

US Congress Mandates You Use Killer Chinese CFL Lightbulbs ONLY By 2014 (VIDEO)


All promotions on this talk about how much energy costs are saved, none mention the cost of treating the people that will get sick and die from this policy.

In 2008, the European Union approved regulations progressively phasing out incandescent bulbs starting in 2009 and finishing at the end of 2012.

Australia, Canada, and the United States have also announced plans that would constitute an effective ban on most current incandescent bulbs.

Venezuela and Cuba have launched massive incandescent light bulbs replacement programs in order to save energy.

Cuba replaced all the 11 million light bulbs used on the island.

Also, Venezuela signed an agreement with Vietnam, one of the largest producers of CFLs in the world, to establish a factory to supply the future demand and hand-outs of government light bulbs.

The United States Department of Energy reports that sales of CFLs have dropped between 2007 and 2008, and estimated only 11% of suitable domestic light sockets use CFLs.(FROM WIKIPEDIA)


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