Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Hour of Our Time - The Legacy of William Cooper (VIDEO)


William Cooper was a former naval officer, decorated veteran, short wave radio broadcaster and world renowned lecturer and author, he was shot and killed November 5th 2001 under suspicious circumstances. This is his story.

Tells the fascinating life story of Milton William Cooper who was labeled by former US president Bill Clinton as "the most dangerous man in America" and was consequently murdered because of his ongoing expose of US government involvement in the events of 11. September 2001.

Cooper was reared in an air force family and spent his childhood and young adult life traveling the world on military assignments. He served honorably in Vietnam, spent time running a small university, opened an art gallery, married, had children, and eventually penned "Behold a Pale Horse" which became an all-time underground bestseller, exposing everything from secret societies to government contacts with aliens. (He later changed his mind about the alien thing as explained in the documentary)


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