Tuesday, November 30, 2010

T'was the month before Christmas at the TSA


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By Chimp

T'was the month before Christmas, when all through our land,
TSA screeners and agents with naked Body Scanners were fanned.

The children were told to strip for a pat-down search,
So terrorists' bombs in their underwear, shoes or anus would not lurch.

It might humiliate you, the probing of your sexual organs and butt,
You will feel safer when you fly and not feel nauseous in your gut.

The low-pay rapists, pedophiles and sexual criminals at the TSA,
At the airport felt hot and wet and horny and ready to play.

Yet the dumb traveling sheep were ready with airline tickets in hand,
Didn't mind the abuse, humiliation and radiation dished out by the TSA band.

Feeling women's crotches and men's balls and Assholes,
The TSA agents screamed that they had the power to invade theirs souls.

Nipple rings must be torn-off and colostomy bags must be broken.
In order to make life as inhuman as possible and not spoken.

If a passenger cries or jokes or complains or gets mad,
A cavity search will be in order for the child, the mother and the dad.

Once you are in an airport, we own you, the TSA agents declare,
We will see you naked, feel you all over and to open your mouth you won't dare.

You think the TSA treatment of humans today is disgraceful now.
Wait until you have do this at the school, the courthouse and the mall like a cow.



jadedj said...

Chimp, I am not even going to mention the images that came to mind as I was reading this.

Chimp said...

A poem is worth a thousand pictures? A lady was made to remove her nipple rings. Would they or have they also made ome women remove their vaginal rings or studs?

Chimp said...

some women