Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Predictions for the Year 2010


Here I am, working on the 2010 predictions.

By Chimp (with the help of other Internet predictors)

Prediction #1: Internet blackouts in Europe and US. Iran will be blamed but actually done by CIA and some allies. US government will covertly censor the net. Secret law will be passed requiring all Internet companies to file “usage” reports to the government.

Prediction #2: China goes to the moon.

Prediction #3: 2010 winter in US and Europe will be coldest on record over past 50 years. Mini ice age will be forecasted. Canadian jet stream goes into deep South US and Florida.

Prediction #4: Al Gore declares bankruptcy.

Prediction #5: Israel admits it has nuclear weapons with the help of the US.

Prediction #6: US admits it has been test-spraying germs over US cities, again.

Prediction #7 : Fidel Castro dies. The US attempts another invasion and fails.

Prediction #8 : Catholic Church admits to protecting pedophile priests in major US cities and Mexico.

Prediction #9: Millions of jobs in US will be lost. Million more foreclosures. Depression will deepen. Homelessness triples.

Prediction #10: Rumors or plans to set-up new world organization in Europe to take the place of the UN.

Prediction #11: Foreign courts will indict George W. Bush and Dick Cheney for war crimes.

Prediction #12: Cancer and diabetes cures found.

Prediction #13: Japan introduces a 100-mile-per-gallon multi-fuel automobile. GM and Ford will join forces and immediately produce a competing vehicle.

Prediction #14: Five-year-old proof made public that genetically modified foods cause illness and death in humans. Major GMO company in bankruptcy.

Prediction #15: All illegal immigrants will be granted legal residence status in US.

Prediction #16: Canadian winter worse in over 100 years in 2010 - 2011 winter.

Prediction #17: Hawaii declares secession from the US.

Prediction #18: Airline accidents and deaths increase in 2010 due to “pilot errors” blamed on alcohol and overwork.

Prediction #19: Carbon police formed in major US cities to ticket and fine Americans on garbage created and overuse of water and electricity. The real workings of “smart meters” revealed: to police energy wasters.

Prediction #20: Dick Chaney disappears from public view as he fears international police “rendition”.

Prediction #21: US government admits Al-Qaeda does not exist and that Osama bin Laden died in 2001.

Prediction #22: Computers that can read your mind will be developed by 2010.

Prediction #23: Thermo-hydro power
Introduced to run cars without need for gasoline. The oil industry is in disarray.

Prediction #24: Dual currency like Euro introduced into US by 2010. The new world order takes shape.

Prediction #25: Police will have the ability to stop a car remotely by 2010.

Prediction #26: US police will be able to incarcerate any individual for up to 72 hours with no charges being filed and with no access to a lawyer or a court.

Prediction #27: Government permission to travel outside one’s state will be required. New ID (passport) drivers licenses will be needed to travel to other US states. Six-moth advance planning will be needed to travel out of the country, due to paperwork and investigations.

Prediction #28: The US Postal Service will become a private enterprise and all postal workers will lose all old government benefits.

Prediction #29: A UFO will crash in the US Southwest.


Prediction #30: All my above predictions will come true.


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