Thursday, January 10, 2019

UNHINGED: Ocasio-Cortez Goes BONKERS During Insane Rant, Says Illegals Are More American Than Trump

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., went absolutely crazy on Tuesday night while delivering a response to President Donald Trump’s address to the nation on border security.

While speaking with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, the 29-year-old socialist said illegal aliens trying to enter the U.S. “are acting more in an American tradition” than Trump.

She also claimed Trump’s immigration policies, which a new poll found that a vast majority of Americans support, are “anti-American” and causing “death.”

“He’s fighting against almost every way that people can actually legally enter this country, forcing them to become undocumented and then he’s trying to attack their undocumented status,” she said.

“This is systematic. It is wrong and it is anti-American. And again, those women and children trying to come here with nothing but the shirts on their back to create an opportunity and provide for this nation are acting more in an American tradition than this president is right now,” Ocasio-Cortez continued.

“The president should not be asking for more money to an agency that has systematically violated human rights,” she added. “The president should be really defending why we are funding such an agency at all, because right now, what we are seeing is death. Right now what we are seeing is the violation of human rights.”

According to Immigration and Customs Enforcement statistics from 2018, agents arrested over 6,500 pedophiles and convicted murderers in the United States.

ICE agents also arrested 158,581 illegal aliens, where 90 percent of them had prior criminal convictions.

Agents also apprehended and removed more than 256,086 illegal aliens. Of that number, roughly 6,000 had ties to violent gang members.

Ocasio-Cortez didn’t mention any of that because she was too busy ranting about why she believes the agency is pointless and should not be funded.

The New York lawmaker went on to claim that Trump’s vow to build the wall along the southern border between the U.S. and Mexico is nothing but a “campaign fantasy” and said he told “falsehood after falsehood” in his address.

“The president has decided to hold the paychecks of everyday Americans hostage so that he can fulfill a campaign — I don’t even want to call it a promise. A campaign fantasy that a vast majority of Americans disapprove of,” she said.

“Not only that, but in the actual address there was falsehood after falsehood and we have to make sure we get the facts straight,” she continued. “Every day immigrants commit crimes at a far lower rate than native-born Americans.”

Ocasio-Cortez’s unhinged, delusional, and factually inaccurate diatribe is exactly why she didn’t deliver the Democrats official response to Trump’s address.

In a matter of minutes, she essentially called for ICE to be abolished, claimed illegal aliens are more American than Trump, and said the president’s immigration policies are “anti-American” and causing “death.”


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