Monday, June 20, 2011

The Owners Of The World (Bilderberg Group) Have Selected Rick Perry To Be The Next US President


Announcing, The Next President Of The United States Of America. (You already elected him, don't you know?)

Every indication suggests that Bilderberg-approved Texas Governor Rick Perry is set to become the frontrunner in the Republican race to challenge Barack Obama for the presidency.

This shady, secretive and undemocratic global elite group holds the reigns of true power while Americans are distracted by the delusional notion that they have a genuine choice in 2012.



jadedj said...

We need to pay attention to Molly Irvins...she said, "Now (after Bush) when I tell you DO NOT ELECT ANYONE FROM TEXAS PRESIDENT...LISTEN!"

btw Chimp, if your sitmeter shows a six hour visit...from me...I was reading this this morning, got distracted...left the house...came back...and forgot I was on your site. Truly, I can read faster than that...even without pictures.

Chimp said...

I can still see the Daily Mirror headline after the second Dubia election: "How can 59,054,087 people be so DUMB?"

JJ, six hours isn't that bad. Especially with no pictures.