Thursday, June 30, 2011

The CIA False Flag Hacker Cyber Attacks Are A New Goldmine For Michael Chertoff Who Got Rich On Naked Scanners After CIA False Flag Attacks (VIDEO)


Michael Chertoff, former head of Homeland Security, now peddles TSA cancer-causing naked body scanners that allow weapons to pass through, but not adult soiled diapers.



-Inform Infect Spread. said...

It's obvious some organization is behind this. I've posted twice on this issue.

Anonymous said...

If it were limited simply to radiation scanners that imperil everyone's health that simply would be the highest order of criminality, because the false-flag Christmas bomber (search Kurt Haskell and Christmas bomber) was used by Chertoff and others to usher in the radiation scanners that abuse most people in US airports. However, it is much worse than that because Chertoff was the head of the 911 FBI investigation which gave rise to much of the evidence (from building debris of the Towers) being shipped off to China without forensics being provided. Further, his cousin posed as an architectural expert and provided fraudulent information in a Popular Mechanics hit piece on the pancaking of towers 1 and 2, which has since been completely debunked by Steven Jones and Nils Harritt. Skunkadelic is the name of the band and they play shit music.