Tuesday, February 22, 2011

World's Biggest Swimming Pool (VIDEO)


Can you believe this place in Chile?

Imagine doing 10 laps of this pool lengthwise! On a jet-ski maybe.

It is 1.3klms long, 800 mtrs wide (8/10 of a mile long by 1/2 mile wide) at its shortest point and varies from ankle depth to 8 mtrs deep.

It employs 41 life guards and has lifesaving devices which pop out of the bottom in various locations in case of rescue requirements.

Built jointly by Korean/Japanese interests, it's expected to have a business life scale of 15 years.



Lou said...

What amazes me most I think is that this isn't in the US. Chile? Who'd have thought?

Chimp said...

I agree. I lived in Chile. If not in US, then at least in Dubai or Monte Carlo or Japan.