Sunday, February 27, 2011

Town Hall Crowd Laughs When Person Asks Who’s Going To Shoot Obama


Did ya Say something, Sarah?

Republican Congressman Paul Broun of Georgia held a town hall meeting on Tuesday.

The crowd simply asked, “Who’s going to shoot Obama?” Assassinating the president is a hilarious non-sequitur, so the crowd laughed.

Broun, didn’t condemn the question, of course. He simply agreed that people hate the president.



jadedj said...

Yep. Such is the tenor in this country today. A U.S. Congressman let this remark go by without vehemently condemning it. Unbelievable. He later reported it to the SS (or so he says). He should have called in the SS and the attending police, immediately.

jadedj said...

I meant to add...ASSHOLE.

Chimp said...

And then people get shot and they claim no responsibility.

jadedj said...