Monday, February 21, 2011

Texas to allow guns on school campuses


Texas is poised to approve a measure allowing college students and professors to carry guns on campus, an initiative with strong support in the state legislature that critics concede they probably can't stop.

Texas would follow Utah, the only state in the nation to have a similar law.



jadedj said...

Yep, and here in Nebraska one of our cretin legislators introduced a bill that will allow teachers in PUBLIC schools to carry firearms! A regular Dodge fucking City mentality at work here...with a good chance of passing. Unbelievable.

Chimp said...

What happens when a teacher shoots a student? A students gets pissed at his grade and shoots the teacher?
When you carry a gun you are either hunting or protecting yourself.
Are there people jealous of educated people who are huntng them? So the students have to carry guns???

“"Education is dangerous. An educated person is a potential enemy." - Hermann Goering.” ????