Monday, July 27, 2009

President Palin "Impossible"


As speculation over Sarah Palin's presidential aspirations heat up now that she has stepped down as Alaska's governor, a former member of George W. Bush's staff said Palin had no chance of winning the White House.

"Impossible," is how Bush's former speechwriter David Frum described the likelihood Palin would become president.

Frum based his opinion on Palin's decline in approval ratings from when she was announced as John McCain's Republican presidential running mate in August termed her "divisive" within the party.

Asked what she represents for the future of the GOP: "political defeat."

Conservative commentator and author Ann Coulter sharply disagreed with Frum, saying Palin had "amazing star power," and said she represents the Republican Party that was known for winning elections in the last two decades.

Frum's criticism of Palin Monday was a continuation of a debate he had with Coulter on Saturday's "The Early Show" in which he said of Palin:

"Basically, quitting for the stated reason that you can't get anything done in your job and because you can't endure the criticism you're receiving and then cashing in, in order to make a lot of money is not a good resume with which to run for president of the United States. She was a calamitous candidate in October of 2008. We've never seen poll numbers for ... any national candidate decline as fast as they did for Sarah Palin. The more the American people know her, the more unacceptable she became and that trend's going to continue."



jadedj said...

One can only hope.

Chimp said...

You are right. After all, lame brain Bush got it twice. If she stars in a porno or becomes a televangelist, she might get the vote.