Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bush Was President, Dick Cheney Was The Fuhrer


By Chimpplanet

There are very few names of US Vice Presidents that Americans can remember by name.

Dick Cheney, however, will be remembered, not because of being in the shadows of George W. Bush, but because “shotgun Dick” was the Bush Puppet Master.

Every day more and more news are released proving that “bunker Dick” was a busy VP while hiding deep in the bowels of Washington.

By now, we have learned that Dick had his own Death Squad in the CIA with power to assassinate anyone he named as a terrorist leader.

This massive Cheney illegal program was concealed from the leaders in Congress.

Dick Cheney could also be investigated and potentially charged with conspiring to violate the anti-torture statute by authorizing and ordering waterboarding.

He could also be charged with violating another federal law ratifying the Geneva Conventions’ definition of war crimes.

He was a strong mouth piece during the lead-up to the Iraq invasion, constantly on news shows touting that Saddam Husein was working with Al-Qaeda and building a nuclear bomb. All of which was denied by his own Bush Administration. He eventually also denied he said all this.

But he made certain that his company. Halliburton, got no-bid contracts to feed and fuel the troops fighting in his Iraq War. This made both rich.

Here we have a man who accepted a series of student and family-related draft deferments during the Vietnam War and yet decided to send thousands to be killed and wounded in Iraq – all for profit.

And Cheney’s explanation for these deferments?

"I had other priorities in the '60s than military service."

Yeah, like making money – lots of money.

Everything Dick does is to get wealthier. Recently, he was stomping on all the major news networks for weeks, attacking President Obama.

As soon as he got his multi-million Dollar book deal, he shut up and returned to his underground bunker to plan his next profitable attack.


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