Sunday, July 12, 2009

MY GOVERNMENT, MY FAMILY: The Political IS Personal And Painful


“Why such seemingly impenetrable denial in the American psyche these days?

Why are some people almost incapable of awakening?”

On the one hand, we can argue that the economic system is arranged in such a manner that people are required to work two or more jobs in order to survive and are overwhelmed with work, family, and keeping their heads above water. In this case, who has time to read alternative media, research current events, or even read a book?

We can also attribute the societal stupor to the remarkable job of dumbing-down that American, so-called education has done in the past two decades so that the current generation can barely read, let alone concentrate long enough to engage with even the most basic works on current issues.

But what if there were something even more fundamental and more human at the root of the collective coma that inflicts American society?

What if “my government” in some part of my psyche, has come to represent “my family”?

What if it’s easier to walk around in glassy-eyed roboticism than feel the pain resulting from comprehending at the deepest level what my government has become?

What if recognizing that I live in an empire that is making war on me as well as my neighbors and the rest of the world is too reminiscent of the family I come from?


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