Monday, November 25, 2019

Horowitz & AG Barr Stunner! Hidden Story Of Busted FBI Lawyer, He's More Important Than You Realize!


The MSM is in full swing again with trying to assure you believe that the upcoming Horowitz report is about as useless as a box of rocks.  They are downplaying the significance of the FBI lawyer and a pot of nothingness. 

What if I told you the lawyer worked on the Hillary e-mail scandal, is a Democratic loyalist, stated “Viva La Resistance” and was booted from the Mueller investigation for that statement.  Not so insignificant anymore now is he? 

Then why the move to cast a doubt in Americans’ minds…because they don’t want the reality the AG Barr, Horowitz and Durham are about to drop on them…especially when the likes of CNN and WaPo are complicit and more than likely named in some of the upcoming disclosures!

Watch the broadcast for all the information and thank you again for helping to spread the word about my Justus Knight Broadcasts!!


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