Thursday, December 5, 2013

The 7 Most Dangerous Foods And How To Substitute Them (VIDEO)

SUGAR -  White refined sugar - There is nothing natural - It's addictive and causes diseases.

GLUTEN -  Wheat is altered - Gluten is a glue.  Addictive. 

COW'S MILK - ANY DAIRY -  Most of milk and DAIRY PRODUCTS  Most humans are lactose intolerant. Most of milk is cooked.  Milk sucks calcium from your bones.

RED MEAT -  Unhealthy - It's rotting in your bowels.

REFINED SALT - It's a chemical-treated salt.  It's in all the processed foods.  Use sea salt if you must.

HEAVILY PROCESSED FOODS -   Chemical salts.  Has gluten, white sugar, poison.

CORN SYRUP -  Also in most processed foods.  Deadly poison.

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