Monday, December 2, 2013

Quit Your Job or Die (VIDEO)

In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews Syndicated Talk-Show Host, Author, Media Figure & Top 100 Biz Trainer Josh Tolley in Valparaiso Chile.

The two discuss lessons learned in life, quitting your job, following your dreams and becoming an entrepreneur


The city of Valparaiso or Paradise Valley, is around a hundred and twenty kilometres from the capital of Santiago De Chile on the Pacific coast. The most important harbour city in South America has a long history and today boasts a modern, ever-expanding container harbour.

Valparaiso's strategic location brought it much power and prosperity. A narrow stretch of land along the bay became the city centre and today the Monumento De Los Heroes De Iquique is a reminder of the heroes of a sea battle during the Saltpetre War.

Lovingly known as Ascensores, since the middle of the nineteenth century escalators have rattled up and down the steep hills of the harbour city. The descending cabin pulls the ascending cabin by way of a steel cable that is drawn over a large wheel situated at the upper station.

Hundreds of colourful buildings extend over the hills and from above the bay it is like a vast amphitheatre that contains a busy harbour.

Indeed, in 2003 UNESCO designated Valparaiso as a World Heritage Site and it is undoubtedly Chile's pride and joy!

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