Tuesday, December 3, 2013

How Big Pharma Caused an AIDS Genocide (VIDEO)

I don't believe there is any relationship between HIV and AIDS.  (VIDEO)

AIDS drugs being forced down HIV patients who don't need them. (VIDEO)

Abby Martin talks about World AIDS Day, drawing attention to the millions of people worldwide that die from this now-preventable disease due to lack of affordable lifesaving medicine.

AIDS Hoax-10 reasons HIV is not the cause of AIDS  (VIDEO)

Hope one day it can be proven that AIDS was created to do away with Blacks and Gays and to enrich Big Pharma (VIDEO)

This series of videos is a repost of videos already uploaded on YouTube, with the exception that there is no filtering of comments, namely by those who do not agree with the content of the videos.

The videos are pure propaganda from uninformed individuals with the intent to misinform the non-scientific public about the facts of HIV and AIDS.

It's rather ironic that the very claims of a conspiracy in the videos are precisely the same tactics used by the producers of this film and by the individual that posted it on YouTube.

The Aids Myth and Deception, The Real Disease is Malnutrition and Drugs (VIDEO)

HIV doesn't cause AIDS, never did. (VIDEO)

The myth that HIV causes AIDS was created by Big Pharma so they can medicate the whole world at a high cost (VIDEO)

In early tests if researchers did not relate HIV with AIDS US government and Big Pharma funding was cut (VIDEO)

"At present there is no recognized standard for establishing the presence or absence of HIV-1 antibody in human blood." (Abbott Laboratories, ELISA HIV Antibody Test Insert, section "Sensitivity and Specificity")

"EIA testing cannot be used to diagnose AIDS... The risk of an asymptomatic person with a repeatedly reactive serum developing AIDS or an AIDS-related condition is not known." (Abbott Laboratories, ELISA HIV Antibody Test Insert, section "Limitations of the Procedure")

"Clinical studies continue to clarify and refine the interpretation and medical significance of the presence of antibodies to HIV-1." (Abbott Laboratories, ELSA HIV Antibody Test Insert, section "Limitations of the Procedure")

Western Blot Test

"Do not use this kit as the sole basis of diagnosis of HIV-1 infection." (Eptope, Inc., Western Blot HIV Antibody Test Insert, section "Limitations of the Procedure")

"The clinical implications of antibodies to HIV-1 in an asymptomatic person are not known." (Calypte, Cambridge Biotech HIV-1 Western Blot Kit, section "Limitations of the Serum and Plasma Procedure")

PCR "Viral Load" Test

"The AMPLICOR HIV-1 MONITOR test, is not intended to be used as a screening test for HIV or as a diagnostic test to confirm the presence of HIV infection." (Roche, Amplicor HIV-1 Monitor Test Kit, section "Intended Use")

The HIV-AIDS hypothesis remains to be just that -- an unproved hypothesis. For more than three decades the war on AIDS has been a colossal failure, with the latest AIDS statistic being "0,000,000 cured." Much like the war on cancer, the war on AIDS has failed to save lives, the only test that really counts.

"Repeat a big lie often enough and it becomes the truth"

The Big Lie is a propaganda technique.

The expression was coined by Adolf Hitler, when he dictated his 1925 book Mein Kampf, about the use of a lie so "colossal" that no one would believe that someone "could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously."

Hitler asserted the technique was used by Jews to unfairly blame Germany's loss in World War I on German Army officer Erich Ludendorff.

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