Tuesday, February 26, 2013

World News In 60 Seconds 43 (VIDEO)

Words: Homeland security secretary says sequester will make us more vulnerable to terrorist attack

John Kerry says Americans have the right to be stupid while Turkmen demand own defense force in Iraq

Obama says You can't do things by yourself while Western powers hint at sanctions relief for Iran

A man sues hospital after wrong testicle removed during cancer surgery, come on man

Protests break out in Afghanistan, IMF gets $391 million dollars from Pakistan

Incorrect statistics found about attacks by the Taliban, while the Iranian nuke talks begin in Kazakhstan

Warren hammers Bernanke for billions in bank subsidies while DHS releases thousands of immigrants from jail blaming the budget cut

Senate votes on Hagel Nomination, Supreme Court Throws out challenge to warrantless wiretapping of Americans.... What

DHS to lease $10 million dollar firearms facility as testimony begins in BP oil spill trial

Another violent election in Zimbabwe while the madness just continue to go vial

Alabama city wants power to disarm citizens during crisis....but thats when its needed

logic fails the masses and its all done got heated

And with that I have no doubt but thats all the times for world news in 60 seconds Im changedachannel and Im out

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