Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Police Caught Kicking, Tasering Man Lying on Ground (VIDEO).

"Three police officers in Connecticut's largest city have been put on desk duty until further notice since a video showing them attacking a man after he had already been brought down with a taser was posted to YouTube.

A taser can be heard clearly as the man, its target, drops to the ground in the video, which shows an incident that happened in May 2011.

In a Bridgeport, Connecticut park, in broad daylight, two police officers begin kicking the man as a third, arriving by car, joins in. "*

In a shocking internet video, Connecticut cops are seen kicking, stomping, and even using a taser on a man as he lay on the ground, not moving. Is this brutality another reason why law enforcement should be recorded on the job? Cenk Uygur

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