Wednesday, March 6, 2019

1 day later: Hillary is still thinking about 2020 – is ‘surprised’ you took her seriously yesterday

Yesterday, Hillary said “I’m not running.” She said she’d still be around, but she wouldn’t be seeking the presidency. We said goodbye. Our long national nightmare was over.
In case you need a refresher, here she is, making her statement:

That lasted a little under 24 hours.

As Dan predicted this morning, Hillary’s not quite done with us yet. According to a new report from New York Times “journalist” Maggie Haberman, the two-time presidential loser is “surprised” everyone took her so seriously. She hasn’t ruled anything out, and she’s waiting to see the contents of the Mueller report before she makes a final decision.

OK, first, John Kerry doesn’t need to “close the door” because America closed it for him.  Literally no one is suggesting he should run and, unlike Mrs. Clinton, he’s not continually trying to force his way back into presidential politics. Yes, there were some brief rumblings thanks to an interview last September, but it was just Democrats searching for any port in an increasingly insane storm. Nobody took it seriously.

Second, it’s hard to imagine anything in the Mueller report that could undo the damage Hillary did to herself in 2016.

We’ve already been told, multiple times, to lower our expectations about the investigation’s findings. “Russia collusion” will, most likely, be once again exposed as a fantasy.  Even if a miracle occurs, and that doesn’t happen, it’s tough to see how that changes the fact that Hillary conspired against the socialists that have hijacked her party.  Dems want a hard leftist to run, and they don’t think she qualifies.
As I’ve written in the past, Hillary covets the Presidency like Gollum covets the One Ring.  She wants it, all her will is bent upon it, and if there is any hope of claiming it, she’ll try to make it happen. There is no hope of claiming it – because if she runs again, she’ll lose again – but apparently, she’s not quite convinced.

Those of you around Mrs. Clinton, please, do us a favor. Convince her that her presidential aspirations are destined for failure.  Put us out of her misery once and for all.


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