Tuesday, October 29, 2013

National Weather Service Director is ignorant on Weather Modification?! (VIDEO)

WEATHER WEAPONS: National Weather Service Director claims the USA currently DOES NOT DO Weather Modification (VIDEO)

The director of the National Weather Service, and the director of the Storm Prediction Center might need to do some reading (by the sound of their talking points) or possibly they are INTENTIONALLY OBFUSCATING when asked simple questions about current activities in regards to weather modification.

Using 1970's "project stormfury" as an example when asked publicly about current operations... particularly the denial of current 2012, and 2013 operations.. saying that the NWS / NOAA quote "don't know where" they are flying, saying the information is PRIVATE .. lol...

Nevermind there's a NOAA weather modification form that must be filled out before operations begin.. nevermind results have to be reported to NOAA. Nevermind NOAA partnered up with Idaho Power to produce snow augmentation in 2012...... just a few examples of many, point being, they're either MAJORLY ignorant on important weather related topics, or they are telling lies to hide current operations.

Classic spin, using outdated examples, along with literal denial of knowledge of said activities.

Watch the whole documentary here: Q&A with the USDA, Council on Foreign Relations, NWS, the Storm Prediction Center, and several others...

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