Saturday, October 26, 2013

Monsanto denies link between GMOs and cancer, birth defects in Argentina (VIDEO)

Agriculture giant Monsanto entered Argentina in 1996. Since then, the South American country has become the world's largest soybean producer, and nearly all of them are genetically modified.

Monsanto provides the majority of the pesticides used in Argentina. Now, a new AP report says that the chemicals are affecting the 12 million people who live in the country's farm belt, where the AP documented dozens of cases where agricultural poisons were applied to crops in ways that are contrary to existing laws.

Pesticides are showing up in drinking water and the soil.

A government report found that 80 percent of children surveyed had pesticides in their blood. Cancer rates are well above the national average and birth defects have risen dramatically. Monsanto disputes that they are responsible for Argentina's health problems.

RT's Ameera David talks with Elizabeth Kucinich, director of policy for the Center for Food Safety and the executive producer for the documentary "GMO OMG," about how GMOs are affecting both Argentinians and Americans alike.

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