Friday, August 30, 2013

CAFFEINE CONTENT IN... coffee, tea, soda, etc...



Cup of regular coffee 95 - 200 mg

Cup decaf coffee 2 - 12 mg

Cup of reg. black tea 14 - 61 mg

Cup reg. green tea 24 - 40 mg

Regular Coke or Pepsi 30 - 47 mg

5-hour energy 207 mg

Monster - Red Bull 80 mg

Chocolate chips, semisweet 1 cup 104 mg



Sunny said...

I drink decaf green tea, once in awhile it's decaf black/orange pekoe tea

Chimp said...

Hi Sunny! When I checked this out I wondered what the difference is between coffee, tea and chocolate. I thought it was interesting. I drink 50-50 coffee. Half with and half without caffeine.