Friday, August 30, 2013

C I A SMUGGLES in the DRUGS & ELITE have plans for Martial LAW in USA. (VIDEO)

This Interview was done by William Wagener with the doctor who taught other doctors, on the INSIDE of the CIA future plans to mass enslave and murder 2 billion People including more than 200 million Amerians.    

This is just a segment of a larger documentary that has never been released or published. Michael Jackson, was given a complete copy of the documentary in January 2008. 

He meant what he said, "They do not care about us." Exactly True. False Flag operations and "practice terrorism events" turn into ACTUAL events, like the Sept. 11th, 2001 demolistion of 7WTC + the Twin Towers, and the bombing of the Pentagon. Sept. 10 , 2001 , FEMA had already moved personel into N.Y. City for a practice, that became real. Now that 15 million Americans know having seen the evidence, which is abundant, that it was a complete INSIDE JOB, with the NETWORK media 100% "on board" to fool the public, those wishing [ BankGANGSTERS ] and Corporate WAR Mongers & Psychiatrists, to destroy all Liberty, and create a Master race made up of the ELITE Rich, vs the slave Poor are well on their way to success. What stands between them is a knowledgeable People with moral standards.

Yes, the CIA smuggles plane loads of drugs. Research Mr. Seal's death. Dr. Bill Deagle feels that there ARE some decent people in the FBI & military who will try to stop the Control freaks. But they NEED an INFORMED, ARMED population, and then the real Criminals who have gone unpunished for a century. can be ARRESTED.

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