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Welcome to the Apocalypse... (VIDEO)

From Monday, February 9, 2009, Visible brings the future to our doorstep in chilling detail. An excerpt from "Welcome to the Apocalypse and Unveiling of the Truth." Here;

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Welcome to the Apocalypse and Unveiling of the Truth.

Friends, Skeptics and Nimrods... lend me your ears. I come to exhume the truth not to bury it. The lies that men tell are the flesh of their mortality... the truth is a fire in their bones. Sooner or later the day comes. Sooner or later critical mass is reached. The pressure of what is hidden becomes stronger than what conceals it. Then comes the mad scramble of the lie makers who are revealed in their efforts by the industry of their madness. Cracks appear in the casing and the whole ugly affair bursts forth like a new born child, smacked on the ass and crying for the attention of the world.

As I have said in recent days... apocalypse does not mean what we have collectively believed. It means... to uncover, to reveal. It is a lifting of the veils. Then what is seen becomes a judgment to those observing it. It burns the eyes and the minds of those who have woven the veils to hide the truth of themselves and it brings liberation and joy to those who can now witness the hidden reality of what is. It is one fire with two different sensations; one is the sensation of burning and shame and one is the sensation of warming, well-being and vindication. It’s the same fire with two relationships to it. You can see it spiritually or you can see it in terms of applied physics but see it you will.

It’s coming out everywhere. The doubts are damning. The questions are being raised by the most unlikely sources. Many, many lies are being revealed and a large percentage of so called anti-Semitic and false flag incidents all over the world are being proven to have been orchestrated by Zionist, Jewish interests. One has only to inquire to be enlightened.

By this time one can surely see that there is a great deal more than we have been told and it is showing itself with every new day. Let us imagine what the psychopaths in charge of Israel, the Federal Reserve bankers and blackmailing, scandal mongers like Abe Foxman must be thinking and feeling in these days. As the truth is consistently revealed in the actions of Bernie Madoff and Jack Abramoff and as the truth about 9/11 becomes more and more apparent one could only wish to be a fly on the wall in the rooms where history’s biggest liars confront the exposure of their evil behavior.

It is going mainstream people and what can they do? What happened in Gaza has shown the whole world the truth about Israel. The actions of the last sixty years; the actions of hundreds of years before is all rising like the dead from the grave to convict beyond reasonable doubt. What shall they do? It can be assumed that some dreadful new crime is now marching into action while the world watches and waits. The apocalypse is no more than the truth undressing herself of the concealment of lies. The wailing and gnashing of teeth is the agony of those exposed for their countless crimes. Allegory and metaphor are linked arm in arm with the hard cold data of what can no longer be denied. They twist and turn; they howl and rage but to no avail.

The dishonored dead cry out from the grave. The years of blackmail and extortion and the McHolocaust centers across the world stand as testimony to a terrible lie. They have been a monument to their own darkness and now the darkness lifts to show them and all with eyes to see what has been done and what never occurred.

Now we see the absurdity of six million Jews who died in World War 1. Now we see the absurdity of there being more holocaust survivors now than there were at the end of World War 2. It goes on and on. We find that the number of six million was being tossed about even before the end of the First World War. No... my friends... the drunken driver in the semi filled with lies is meeting the bridge abutment of the truth and the flaming wreckage blazes on the shoulder of the highway as the rubber necking world drives slowly by.

What is this mysterious force that cannot be contained by the control of the press? What is this force that cannot be suppressed by the bankers and the relentless operations of the captive governments and courts? What is this force that is unveiling... uncovering and revealing? Onward it marches as day follows day. Even the cattle in the field who graze upon the grass are hearing the grass speaking and the voices of the dishonored dead beneath the ground are speaking. The wind is speaking and the seas are speaking. The mind inside the mind is speaking and will not be silenced.

History’s heroes are proving to be the villains. History’s victims are proving to be the oppressors. Up has been proven to be down and down is now up. Before is now after. Nothing is what is seems to be and what will tomorrow bring? What will tomorrow bring?

What is being plotted behind those doors? What are they talking about in the rooms of power where deep inside they must surely be atremble. The hot breath of fire at the nape of the neck is a chilling terror for those who imagine they can hide behind their guarded doors... behind their money and the appearance of power... behind their armies and their courts... behind the lies that are the walls they dreamed would protect them and which now become the walls of the prison that confines them.

They are all of them trapped in the darkness of the coma of Ariel Sharon. The endless parade of their terrible deeds parades before them. It grows stronger and more relentless with each passing day and they cannot turn away. They cannot run... they cannot hide. In every direction they approach the images and the sounds. They hear the outcry of their victims. They hear the footsteps of approaching justice. They hear their names being called. There is no lawyer who can plead their case. There is no defense. Only the prosecutor will speak as they sit in the docks and hear the litany of their crimes.

You can call it the fulfillment of prophecy and you can call it the natural outcome of natural law. You can believe that there is a destiny that shapes our ends and you can believe it is purely a mechanical device. You can call it random or planned; intentional or accidental. It is here, nonetheless, it is here.

Imagine their horror as they wonder at the cause of this. Imagine their fear as they muster their impotence against the forces of their own destruction that they set in motion. Relentless and unstoppable it continues to their door with every passing second of the day. You cannot imprison the truth. It will, in time, burst every bond.

The collective outrage of those that were slandered and tormented, screams in the whirlwind as it gathers its force. The murdered and imprisoned join in the chorus. Gaza and all the lands where this horror has marched with its hobnailed boot are joined in a universal cry. They cannot stop their ears. They cannot close their eyes and they cannot hide their faces. Each day brings their crimes before the attention of the world.

What awaits us all in these coming days? This I do not know. All I know is that they truth is unveiling... uncovering... revealing and there is nothing any one can do to stop it; no misdirection... no added million in new unmarked graves... no rediscovered Nazis... no new lies accomplish anything more than to amplify the presence of the lies already told.

Welcome to the apocalypse and unveiling of the truth.


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