Thursday, December 27, 2012

CCTV: Passer-by sticks out foot to trip up fugitive chased by Chinese cops (VIDEO)

A resident in the Chinese metropolis of Shanghai who stuck out his left foot to trip up a fugitive on the run at a subway station has earned the name "Golden Left Foot" from Chinese citizens.

On Dec. 21, police officer Sheng Song was on duty at the Langaolu Station of the Shanghai metro Line 7 when he found someone very suspicious lingering in front of a ticket vending machine.

The suspect avoided eye contact with Sheng and could not provide identification. After checking his birth date in the online database by using his pocket device, Sheng confirmed that the suspicious man was a fugitive who might have been carrying weapons with him.

However, another passenger, apparently aware of the situation at hand, extended his left foot to trip the running fugitive. This gave the chasing police officers time to catch up. Wang Dezhong, the Shanghai resident who aided the police, said what he did was nothing. He added that he would extend his foot again if he ran into something like this.

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