Wednesday, November 28, 2012

World News In 60 Seconds (Nov. 28, 2012) (VIDEO)

WORDS: In Egypt the deadline nears on constitution as TSA claims it is above Congressional oversight
Explosions in Damascus kill at least 34 while a Shotgun shell found on an airline seat delays the flight
US bars BP from new federal contracts while Cyber Monday shoppers spend I.4 billion
Europe approves bailout of four Spanish banks as Student loan debt nears one trillion
North Carolina college reverses Christmas tree ban
Attempt to kill journalist claimed by the Taliban
Courts push to limit media criticism in Pakistan
as a Kabul bank embezzled 900 million dollars out of Afghanistan
Bank of America's CEO in court says he cant remember anything, isn't this what they always say
Hugo Chavez's health remains a mystery as no one was shot, stabbed, slashed or murdered in New York City on Monday
Widespread bacteria and drugs found in pork samples while Researchers warn mixing grapefruit with drugs can kill
The White House says Obama is not concerned whether Susan Rice misled the American People, man are these turds for real
Tobacco companies ordered to admit they lied over smoking danger, thats a no brainer to me,
Mitt Romney is to have lunch with Obama on Thurday while Glenn Beck dunks an Obama figurine in a jar of pee
And the madness just makes me wanna scream and shout but thats all the time for world news in 60 seconds Im changedachannel and Im out

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