Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Veterans & Active Duty Military March To The White House Chanting "Ron Paul Revolution" (VIDEO)


Coverage of Veterans March for Ron Paul on the White House (VIDEO)

Veterans For Ron Paul March On The White House Completely Ignored By MSM


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Martin Timothy said...

So what else do these brain dead automations get up to, who as war vets do eighteen suicides per day, who tuned out for Ron Paul in Washington DC .. 911 was an inside job, 60,000 Jews never went to work at the WTC on the day!

Four ATF agents killed at Mount Carmel in 1993, were from Bill and Hillary Clinton’s security team, all had nearly identical gunshot wounds to the left temple, eighty eight Branch Davidians died in the ensuing fire!

Past Kennedy house guests Martin Luther & Coretta King, were in one of two snipers nests on the Grassy Knoll, Dallas Texas 22 November 1963 .. Ron Paul’s inaction in the face of hard evidence, that Jews attacked America on 911 is capital treason.

The wars against the Moslem world are illegal and unjust .. abortion is genocide .. the organizers of the rally are from the Greenberg / Arizona / Canada television studio, that filmed false witnesses on 911, and at the alleged Columbine, VA Tech and Fort Hood massacres!