Sunday, October 23, 2011

Gaddafi Killing - Why the West Hated Him (VIDEO)


1. He nationalised Libya's oil industry & has worked to improve the price that Libya is paid for that oil.

2. He used oil revenue to build hospitals, schools, universities, roads, free housing for all Libyan people, the Great Man Made River project which provides 70% of Libyans with pure deep aquifer water. He achieved this without borrowing a penny from Rothschild.

3. Libya has no debt. It has the highest standard of living in Africa, & above Russia, Brazil & Saudi Arabia according to the UN.

4. All loans are debt free. Usury (interest on loans) is against the law.

5. Before Qaddafi came to power, less than one fifth of the people were literate. Now it's 83%.

6. Free healthcare. If treatment is not available in Libya, then the government will fund foreign healthcare.

7. Libya is largely self sufficient in food production. Anyone wishing to be a farmer is given free use of land, a home, equipment, livestock & seeds.

8. He promised that his own parents would not be housed until ALL Libyans were housed. He kept his promise & his father died before he was able to house him. All Libyans are given homes for FREE.


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