Monday, December 28, 2009

Why We Should Have A War In Yemen Like Joe Lieberman Wants


"Oh, goody, Sarah. Another war. I love Obama!"

By Chimp

Why we should we have a fourth war? Why not, it’s fun, fun, fun. We had Iraq and Afghanistan. We are deep into Pakistan. Now, it’s Yemen’s turn to be invaded. Do they have oil? Exxon/Mobile needs more oil.

The US military industrial complex needs more money. Afghanistan and Iraq are not giving them enough profits. Pakistan is hit and miss on weapons usage. We need another one.

Dick Cheney needs more money from Halliburton. He’s got a big family to take care of and he may need a fourth heart transplant. He also needs to build a new secret bunker to hide in case Interpol comes after him.

Bush family needs more money from their war investments. George W. Bush may also need a hiding place once foreign countries issue arrest warrants. His daughters need to pay for drugs and rehab.

Blackwater needs more work to make bigger profits. A war is also good for Obama’s job creation program. Good pay too: $100 to $300 thousand per year per mercenary, I mean, contractor.

Another war is one way to give jobs to our unemployed American kids. The Pentagon wants to give every American child a good college education if they survive.

Otherwise, the parents get a nice insurance check if their kid dies or is paralyzed which they can use for their retirement. A win-win situation all around.

Our funeral directors need more bodies. Wal-Mart caskets need to be sold. Detroit needs to manufacture more tanks to stay in business. Our congressmen need more Lobby money to pay for the Christmas gifts.

Let us all nominate Joe Lieberman for our next US president with that wise and intelligent Sarah Palin as his running mate.


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