Saturday, December 19, 2009

Catastrophic climate is normal for planet earth


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By Chimp

Catastrophic climate is normal for planet earth. The earth has gone from being covered in ice to becoming a desert at different times in the past million years.

Humans did not have an effect on those changes then and don’t have an effect on it now. The sun dictates global warming or ice age, not humans.

Humans are puny ants in this world and they give themselves too much credit, believing they can control the heating or cooling of the planet.

We have been going into a cooling period during the last 10 years and Al Gore lies to get rich and says we’ll be under water soon due to man-made warming.

Whether we turn into icicles tomorrow or fry like roasted chickens is not up to humans. Man does not control the earth temperature – the sun does.

Copenhagen was an attempt to control the world’s poor through a one-world-government carbon tax and I’m glad it failed. They will try again.

Glad the e-mails showing the fake global warming science were hacked and the Internet bloggers got the word out when the corporate media would not.


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