Thursday, June 6, 2019

Vox’s Carlos Maza – Leading Force Behind New YouTube Censorship – Now Extremely Upset that the New Censorship is Affecting Leftists and Independents

Carlos Maza
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> Carlos Maza Retweeted Ford Fischer

What’s happening to Ford is fucking awful. He’s a good journalist doing important work.

I don’t understand how @YouTube is still so bad at this. How can they not differentiate between white supremacist content and good faith reporting on white supremacy?

**UPDATE #1***
Vox’s Carlos Maza now complaining about the demonitization as countless people turn on him:

#voxadpocalypse YouTube has started going on a massive banning spree/demonitization of independent media channels

YouTubes banning spree went far behound conspiracy and hate speech. They are now going after educational videos, media, commentary channels, comedians and anyone with ideas they don’t agree with.

Part of this is due to a Vox writer who literally had a tweet that says “deplatforming works, and it needs to be used more aggressively” This whole thing was planned as a way to silence people you don’t agree with.



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