Sunday, January 22, 2012

66-year-old-dementia sufferer is kicked to the ground and beaten by Florida cop who tried to delete video from his police camera (VIDEO)


Looks to me like the white Florida cop is dry-humping the senile black old man

A 66-year-old Melbourne man with dementia spent a month in the hospital after he was violently arrested in October 2011 by officers from the Melbourne Police Department in Melbourne, Florida. The officers who arrested Albert Flowers charged him with battery on a police officer, but a dash-cam video obtained this weekend by WFTV Channel 9 News in Central Florida shows that Flowers did not assault either officer before being kicked in the stomach, punched repeatedly, choked, and tasered.




jadedj said...

This cop is out of control. Of course there was no sound, but I cannot see, or figure out WHY he kicked the old guy. I watched the first few seconds several times. Also, officer skinhead out weights the skinny old man by about 100 lbs. DisFUCKINGusting!

Chimp said...

He did it with such gusto since he thought he had turned off his car cam. That first kick in the balls was enough to almost knck him out and then he seemed to be dry humping him with at least 250 pounds on his back. No wonder it took him a month in the hospital.

jadedj said...

And I am sure the cop is still on the job. MOTHERFUCKER!