Monday, December 26, 2011

Inspector General Says Nothing Wrong With New York City Police Partnership with the CIA


Well, then! Nothing to worry about!

The CIA says its inspector general has found nothing wrong with the spy agency's close partnership with the New York City Police Department.

The inspector general concluded that no laws were broken and no evidence exists that the CIA was conducting forbidden domestic spying.

The Associated Press revealed how, after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks the CIA helped the NYPD build domestic intelligence programs that were used to spy on Muslims.


Funny. Rcently, a group made a Freedom Of Information request to the CIA for their partnership with the American police against Occupy Wall Street and the CIA said they would not even process the request since it's illegal for the CIA to operate inside the US. SEE VIDEO:


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apeman2502 said...

This should surprise no one because the NYPD and CIA have been covering for the zionist and White House and other traitors for 9-11, back to the mid-1960s. If the public refuses to turn off their CFRtv and 'cut the cord', things will get much worse. Your CFRtv LIES TO YOU just like your mother did after you had bad day at grammar school. She says you are perfect, safe, smart, and pretty. She lied on all 4 counts. Do your homework on this and act like adults. I am losing faith in you, you mangy, stupid,self-centered, lazy asssed motherfuchers.The U.S.M.C. is NOT your babysitter. Your congress is YOUR BUSINESS. RECALL EFFORTS NOW. Get ON IT, MAGGOT.