Wednesday, September 21, 2011

President Obama Tells The UN That Palestine Can Become A State Only With Israel's Permission


Barack Obama has told the UN General Assembly the Palestinians deserve their own state, but that this would only be achieved through talks with Israel.

He added there could be no "short cut" to peace, and is expected to urge the Palestinians to give up the initiative.

Mr Abbas has so far appeared determined to press ahead with the statehood bid on Friday, after his address to the UN General Assembly, with a written request to Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.


Troy Davis Execution Temporarily Delayed




Anonymous said...

Palestinians to Obama: Stuff a sock in it.

There has not been one thing to come out of Israel in the last 3 score years that has benefited mankind.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad we can't get photos of the last Bohemian Grove bash.

You'd probably see Osama Blackbush on his knees wearing a dress, with the leash around his neck being held by Netanyahu, a rubber ball in his mouth, and Barak schtooping him up his pooper.

Anonymous said...

They are already waited for 60 years and if there would really have been any outcome of having talk with Israehell it would already have happened but it didn't. There are still many Americans who buy watever their govt says and they are in the Military and govt. If you keep quiet on your govt crimes then you are a part of it and may be latter they will turn back to you with you having no place to run. That time may be you people be labelled as terrorists!

apeman2502 said...

New dictionary is out. Right next to the word 'punk' is a little picture of President B.O..(syn. See 'cumdumpster')

davol said...

If millions of us email the White House and voice out disapproval of a veto against the rest of the world on a Palestinian state then we'd be at least trying to take back our country and maybe Palestinians will yet be able to take back theirs.

Anonymous said...

Do any of these Christian Zionists remember that the Jews are the BAD guys? Any president following his faith in the Oval Office is out to start WW111. I don`t think we need any faith, we need rational reasoning ability. A Christian cannot support Israel, Paul was told this by the Holy Spirit, and you people no longer believe your New Testament. Admit it in your hearts. You are the latter day falling away into apostasy.